Rogue Beauty & Scaura Sales Enablement - Case Study

How Rogue Beauty uses Scaura to get control over their Marketing and Sales Alignment

Rogue Beauty is the distributor for Australia for a number of high end hair and beauty brands such as Oribe Hair Care, R+Co, Smith & Cult and V76 by Vaughn.

The Sydney based company has a sales team of 8, who perform a lot of onsite visits to hair and beauty companies in order to update them on new products. Since there are regular updates on the product side and the nature of these visits is very much sales driven, it is very important for the sales team to always be able to present and share the latest information on these products during and after sales visits.

Better alternative to Dropbox

"Before we started working with Scaura, we used Dropbox as a platform for distributing our digital marketing & sales content to our sales team. Dropbox is mostly geared to internal file sharing and not so much to professional customer facing purposes. Besides this, the solution had one other drawback, and that is that files can be managed two ways, both by the admin and the user itself" tells Shannon Culhane, who is Rogue Beauty's Marketing Manager. "When one of colleagues from the sales team accidentally deleted one of the folders in Dropbox and that content was in real time deleted for all others who needed access, we knew we had to look for an alternative solution which would better fit our requirements" she continues".

"The solution had to give us absolute control of our digital sales collateral in order to make sure that our on the road sales team would work as efficient as possible”

Shannon Culhane, Marketing Manager Rogue Beauty

Enter Scaura

"We are a relatively small company, so for us the new sales enablement solution had to be a cost efficient and flexible ‘off-the-shelf’ software package with a simple and straightforward implementation. Another important thing was that the new sales enablement software had to look visually attractive and professional on the user side, in order to create an optimal buyer experience. This is especially important to us since we are in the business of beauty and we represent some top-notch brands. Last but not least, the sales presentation solution had to give us absolute control of our digital sales collateral, in order to make sure that our on the road sales team would work as efficient as possible with complete, up-to-date and uniform sales collateral. She concludes: "Via our Managing Director we heard of Scaura as a software which would fit these requirements. When we actually tested it, the team did confirm this and we decided to implement it fully. This is now over one year ago and I can say that I am very happy that we made the switch to migrate to Scaura".

All content at the fingertips

"The great thing with Scaura is that it gives me the absolute confidence that I always have all my digital sales files with me, ready to support me during each sales visit in a professional and efficient way. Since I have approximately 25 sales visits each week, working with the Application gives me a peace of mind and efficiency which I did not have before we started working with Scaura" tells Aygun Sana who works as a Brand Manager with the team. "Previously, I had to prepare all sales files manually on my laptop, which cost a lot of time. Now, I only need to synchronize and all new updates are stored offline on all the devices where I have Scaura installed. That is another big advantage: it works device independent. I use my iPad primarily when I have face-to-face meetings. However, when I am back on the road again and need access to my files to share a document which I have forgotten to send previously, I use the smartphone version of the Application".

“Scaura gives me the absolute confidence that I always have all my digital sales files with me, ready to support me during each sales visit in a professional and efficient way.”

Aygun Sana, Brand Manager Rogue Beauty

Ease of implementation and use

Back to Shannon: "It is really good to see that the sales team is using Scaura to its full benefit. This is also something that I can track in the Analytics Dashboard which is provided to me as an Admin. I see the general usage of the Application on a user level but also I also can keep track of which content is used and which not". She continues: "On my side, it has given me the control that I need. The general use of the Content Management System which is provided as part of the solution is very intuitive and straight forward. The Scaura Team also helped us very well with the onboarding procedure, so setting up the whole system was done in a heartbeat without any hassle. “I would definitely recommend the 'Scaura experience' to other companies.” she finalizes.

“Scaura has given me as Marketeer the control that I needed. I would definitely recommend the ‘Scaura experience’ to other companies”

Shannon Culhane, Marketing Manager Rogue Beauty

About Rogue Beauty

  • Hair and beauty products
  • Number of FTE: 25
  • Based in: Sydney, Australia


  • Marketing to get full control over digital sales content: uniform and efficient delivery to sales team
  • Increase brand awareness through branded Application
  • All sales content always ready at hand to support during sales visits


  • Initial setup and management of all sales content in the user Application via Scaura Content Management System
  • Sales team to use user Application on tablet and smartphone devices


  • Marketing has full control of sales content. Content which is presented and shared is always uniform and up to date
  • Sales works with absolute confidence that all sales visits can be supported effciently and professionally with relevant content
  • Straightforward + easy implementation and roll out of the Software

Scaura Value Proposition

  • Optimal Sales Enablement to make sure Sales Teams are always prepared and switched on: all digital Marketing & Sales content available: complete - up to date - at the fingertips
  • Efficiency in Marketing & Sales alignment: instantly deliver updates with one click from the CMS. Content is pushed to the Sales Teams
  • Professionalism: Visual Application customizable in corporate brand

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