Our Sales Enablement Software is being used by B2B clients in many different industries. All these companies increasingly want to leverage the power of their content in the direct selling process. They all have the common requirement in making sure the marketing and sales alignment is optimal. This means equipping their sales teams in real time with relevant, complete and uniform digital marketing & sales presentations and make it searchable, presentable and shareable from a branded application. All with one objective: to stay on top of their game in a constantly changing and more competitive environment.

Some of our clients

"Scaura allows to focus on what really matters for sales people: the meeting and increasing the returns from their customer interactions"

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"By unlocking the power of content, our global Marketing & Sales teams can demonstrate our product range from reference projects"

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"Scaura gives me the absolute confidence that I always have all required digital sales files with me, ready to support my sales visits"

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"People asked questions about content continuously. This has dropped as Scaura has made a contribution to our efficiency"

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"Sales should be able to optimally focus on their sales targets and not on searching for and maintaining presentation materials"

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"Scaura enables our sales teams to explain the whole Grundfos service range in a highly visual, interactive and therefore effective way."

Marco Pastoor, Marketing Manager, Grundfos Nederland

"Scaura is one of those sales Applications which our users actually use! It puts a direct value add to our commercial customer facing process; we find it a great App to work with!"

Alexander Schneider, Vice President, Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA

Scaura is one of the best tools we have ever introduced to our regional dealer network, it is very user friendly and efficient, adding value to our daily operational business."

Madlen Gruschka, Retail Marketing Manager, Audi Volkswagen Middle East FZE

"With Scaura I can show my prospects relevant reference cases anytime anywhere."

Steven den Hartog, Sales Manager Maritime, Bolidt

"Scaura supplies us with a platform we can use to activate our Marketing & Sales content in a powerful and simple way"

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"Scaura gives a real added value during the lead generation process when initial contact with clients takes place"

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"At the click of a button, our Leasing Managers can show floorplans, pictures, videos and 3D Virtual Tours to potential tenants."

Dennis Ramaaker, Head of Leasing & Marketing, Schiphol Real Estate

"Scaura is for us the ideal tool to present our projects & services to the market in a structured and professional way."

Vincent Raaphorst, Marketing & Sales Manager, Interparking

"Scaura helps us manage our content distribution, and allows our sales team to do offline presentations during meetings and tradeshows."

Roelant Groen, Director International Sales & Marketing, Ice-World

"Scaura makes it possible for our team to present our products at anytime and any place."

Juliën van Nimwegen, International Sales Manager Lovers Canal Cruises.