An easy to use visual Sales Presentation tool. Your sales team is always prepared and ready to engage.

Branded web portal where your digital stakeholders can search, share and download the right content.

Installation, access and updates

Branded Asset Portal
Offline app for any device
Presenter is available on smart phones, tablets and laptops. Operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
Synchronize all content for offline use
The Presenter App can be synchronized for offline use. You will receive a notification when there is new content available. Sync will take place in the background so you can use the App while syncing.
Online access
Access the App via a login on web. Updates are pushed automatically.

Content access and browsing

Branded Asset Portal
Navigate via a visual navigation structure to pull up the content you need. Navigation can be set up with menu buttons and hotspots. View all content in full screen mode.
Content channels
Switch between different Content Channels to access the right content targeted at you user profile.

Prepare, present, personal folder

Branded Asset Portal
Prepare your own sets of Presentations so you have them ready when you need them. Simply select all the files you need, drag and drop them in the right sequence and save them for later use.
Quickly open your Presentations via the My Presentations Launcher or add them as temporary buttons on the Home Page. Presentations will be opened in Presentation Mode, so directly in full screen with a thumbnail slider. Autoplay functionality included.
Personal folder
Upload your own personal content to the App via the Personal Folder functionality. Mix and match personal content with other content int the App for sharing and presentation purposes.
Event mode
With Event Mode, the Aplication will run in stand alone kiosk mode, to support you during events & exhibitions.


Branded Asset Portal
Quick search
Quickly search for files and folders from anywhere in the App.
Advanced search
Easily Identify the right piece of sales content by searching by tags or filename. Add them to a selection so you action them as a bulk (for sharing or presentation purposes). Files can also be identified and selected using the tree structure.

Share and track

Branded Asset Portal
Share selected content by generating a weblink. When clicking the link, your customer will be sent to your branded share portal where the files are presented in a visually appealing way. For each generated link, you can manage settings such as password protection, expiration date and enabling downloads yes or no.
Easily download selected content to your own device for local use.
Share analytics
Track each share link to see how the recipient interacts with the content. See how many times each file is viewed. Receive email notifications or daily summaries to stay on top of your shared content and potential opportunities.
New contacts created via share are automatically added to contact list and can be enriched with personal data.


Branded Asset Portal
Personal settings
Manage personal settings as share link and notifications preferences. Change your password from within the App.
Reach out to our support team via in App messaging platform.

Content Management System

Branded Asset Portal
Set up Navigation
Set up visual navigation using buttons and hotspots.
User Management
Manage users and allocate content to the right user profile via Content Channels.
Control Content
Manage all your digital sales content from one single place. Add as much content as you want. Supports all file formats: Images, videos, PDF's, HTML5, etc.
Notify users
Notify your users directly regarding important updates.
Tag management
Assign tags to your files to make them easily searchable.
Support your sales enablement decisions with comprehensive analytics. on 3 levels: share, user and content.

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