Scaura Presenter iconPresenter

An easy to use Sales Presentation tool. Your sales team is always prepared and ready to engage.

With Presenter, content is automatically synchronized and sent to your sales team. When meeting with a prospect or customer, your sales team is always prepared. They can use Presenter on their phone, tablet or computer – and even offline. Your sales and marketing team will love it because it’s intuitive and it makes their life easier.

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Scaura Presenter

Who should use it: Sales, Agents, Brokers, Resellers, Managers

Key features: Any device, offline, search, prepare, show, share, track, hot spot navigation

Who should use it: Sales, Support, Agents, Brokers, Resellers, Project Managers, Tender Managers

Key features: Advanced search, share, multiple files resolutions, extended file types, browsing mode

Scaura Smart Visual Portal iconSmart Visual Portal

It’s easy to connect all digital stakeholders.

Your digital stakeholders can search, share and download the right content. They will appreciate the intuitive and visual interface. So, it’s easy for digital stakeholders to find content and become familiar with your proposition. The Smart Visual Portal (SVP) is more than an online repository. It’s a branded experience through the journey of accessing the right content.

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Scaura CMS iconContent Management System

Manage appearance, content, structure and user access.

Control and deliver your sales content in the branded framework and structure of your choice. Structure your sales content via a navigable hierarchy and use hotspots to create visual storytelling. Add multiple tags per file to increase the findability of your content. By creating multiple content channels, you can easily support a multi-brand, multi-language and multi-user environment. You can also create user groups and determine who has access to which channels. You have all the options available to build a powerful Sales Presentation tool.

Content is stored in the Mediabank, where it can be allocated to your content channels. Any change is automatically synchronized and sent to users with access to Presenter and the SVP.

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Scaura CMS

Who should use it: Marketing Managers, Digital Content Managers

Key features: Structure content via navigable hierarchy, structure content via tags, set-up multiple content channels, user management