SVP license

Your digital stakeholders can search, share and download the right content. Includes online access to Scaura Smart Visual Portal (SVP)



Per user per month, billed annually
or €10 per user if billed monthly

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Presenter license

Your sales team is always ready to engage, both offline and online. Includes access to Scaura Presenter & Scaura Smart Visual Portal (SVP)



Per user per month, billed annually
or €25 per user if billed monthly

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  • No (one off) technical setup fees apply
  • Each license is individual and can be used by one person simultaneously on multiple devices

Features & Benefits




Online Access
Online, via a URL (SVP) or via dedicated Application (Presenter)
Offline Access
Offline, via dedicated Application, available for: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
User based Access Management
Users can only log in to the Application and access the assigned Content Channels via personal user/ password combination
Switch Content Channel
Seamlessly switch between Content Channels in order to acess content according to brand, language, region etc.
Password management
Users can set a new password from the login screen in the Application
Support function
Users can request support from within App (chat support)
Sync (for Presenter) / Refresh (for SVP)
Update content in the Application. There will be an In-App notification each time tthere is an update in content
Selective Sync
Option to selectively sync files. Unsynced files can be access when online
Show & Present content
Show and Present content by visual navigation through menu structure (buttons and hotspots)
Search content
Search content via (combination of) filename, tags
Prepare Content Selections
Make and save Selections of Content and active them via a button on the home page each time you need them
Share via weblink
Share selected content instantly by generation of weblink, with tracking analytics
Share via alternative platforms
Share via Social Media (such as WhatsApp, Email, etc. depending on device)
Share Analytics
Track per share event how many times, at which moment, at which files recipient has looked at/ downloaded files
Event mode
Switch Presenter to Event mode (Kiosk mode) for offline lead generation during events & exhibitions
Download and resizing of images
Selectively download content from the Application. Images can be downloaded in various resolution sizes
Personalized Settings
Manage your Personalized Settings
Personal Folder
Indivdual users can manage the contents of their own Personal Folder, only visible in the individual user's Application
CVS Exportable, manageable overview of contacts generated through share events and manually added
Admin Analytics (CMS)
Via a comprehensive analytics dashboard in the CMS, Admins can analyzethe performance of digital assets
Set up Tagging structure (CMS)
Setup tagging structure for your content to make it easily findable in Presenter and SVP. You can assign as many tags you want per file
Customizable Brand Experience (CMS)
Customize the appearance of Presenter and SVP for optimal brand experience, by selecting videos and rotating backgrounds and by placing texts on each menu page
Hotspot Navigating (CMS)
Use Hotspots for a visual and interactive way of reaching content in Presenter and SVP
Set up Content Channels (CMS)
Set up as many Content Channels as you want in order to support a multi brand, multi language and multi usertype environment
Storage (CMS)
Unlimited Storage
Scaura integrates with SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software. Costs for customization may apply. Integrations with other software packages can be made but may involve cost