How WhiteWater West unlocks the power of its Marketing & Sales content through Scaura.

WhiteWater West (short: WhiteWater), is the leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative waterpark products and active family attractions. The company works with 600 employees in 21 offices around the world, to deliver best in class waterpark products to the leading attractions parks around the globe. The competitive advantage of the company lies in its vast product range and the experience gathered in more than 5000 projects it has succesfully delivered since its foundation in 1980.

How to keep the Sales Team up to date?

“One of the main challenges that we were facing in our commercial process was to make sure that our sales people have instant access to all the marketing material and that those materials are up to date. Due to our ever expanding product range and list of reference projects, we have a vast and constantly increasing amount of marketing video’s, images, productsheets and presentations” tells Una de Boer, who is WhiteWater’s Global Marketing Director. “We had developed a bespoke system for presenting this content primarily during exhibitions, but because of a number of drawbacks this system at some point became defunct”. She continues: “when we set out to look for a new solution for our Central Presentation Hub as we call it, we were not only looking for a system which would bring the efficiency in aligning sales with the latest marketing content, but also for a system which would support our sales team in navigating and drilling down through all of our 4.000 marketing files so they could support any client interaction or follow up very efficiently with relevant content. By being able to unlock the power of our content for our sales team, they would be better prepared to demonstrate our product range and knowledge from reference projects during any commercial encounter or follow up. So meeting this requirement was not only a challenge but also a great business opportunity”.

Before we started working with Scaura, we still worked a lot with hard copies and created a lot of tailor-made content that we used at fairs or for a specific customer. This was certainly not an ideal situation. Our sales people had to figure out whether new content was available on our central server. Very cumbersome and no guarantee that you always had the right materials for a powerful presentation of our proposition.”

"One of the main benefits of the Scaura Appplication is that I now have all Marketing & Sales content available in one single place”

Scaura is up to the challenge

“When we set out to look for an alternative platform, we defined the following list of criteria to which the solution needed to comply:
  • The solution should allow our users to easily find content
  • Should have the ability to run both online and offline
  • Should allow our users to easily navigate across content
  • The application must have a slick interface: polished and professional
Via a colleague of ours who used to work with Scaura through a previous employer, we heard of their sales enablement solution. After a number of meetings with the team from Scaura and a demo Application which they created for us, we came to the conclusion that Scaura was a perfect match with our requirements”. She adds: “what we like a lot from the solution is that we can apply multiple tags to each file that we add to the Application. In this way, users can perform non linear searches, mixing and matching tags with each other in their search query and very efficiently narrowing down the search of what they are looking for”.

“One of the main benefits of the Scaura Application, is that I now have all marketing content available in one single place” tells Grant Poje, who is Executive Vice President at WhiteWater and manages his sales cycles from Whitewater’s office in Barcelona. “I use the Application a couple of times per week, primarily to follow up on specific client in order to supply my prospects with relevant product and project files.”

“By unlocking the power of our Marketing & Sales content to our global sales team, they are in a better position to demonstrate our product range and knowledge from reference projects”

Through the analytics which are available for each share event, I can track if the recipient has received the files I have shared. Moreover, I use the Application at trade shows where it is important to give an instant presentation of our company’s capabilities. My colleague uses Scaura on a daily basis, primarily to reply to general information requests of potential leads that we receive. Via the analytics function she can track how the recipient interacts with the shared content, so we get an indication of the lead’s preferences.”

Justin Yeager, who works with WhiteWaters Marketing Team and is the administrator of the Scaura Content Management System tells about his experience working with the Software: “We have an almost constant flow of new products and new projects, so our Marketing content is very dynamic. The Application is never ‘finished’, not only from a content perspective but also from a structure perspective: I am in constant dialogue with my colleagues from Sales on how to further optimize the menu structure and the tagstructure. Fortunately, the CMS is easy and straightforward to use so all changes and updates are applied rapidly. In case I have a question I can easily reach out to the Scaura team for direct support if needed”. He continues: “the greatest benefit for us a Marketing Team is that through Scaura we have a very efficient control over our content and our brand”.

Key Marketing Success

Back to Una: “Feedback on Scaura from our colleagues from Sales has been very positive. They find the sales enablement solution easy to use and have a lot of benefits of having all content in a single place. The introduction of Scaura has been named one of past year’s key Marketing successes for 2 principal reasons: Firstly, with Scaura we have more control over our brand and how we portray it. And secondly we get much more value our of content by making it easier for our Sales Teams to access and find it.

“The introduction of Scaura has been named one of past year’s key Marketing successes”

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