How Huisman effortlessly aligns their global Business Development team with uniform sales content.

Huisman, founded in 1929, is a worldwide operating company delivering step changing technical solutions to world’s leading companies in the oil & gas, renewables, leisure and civil industries.

The company covers the whole lifecycle from concept to installation and life time support. The sales cycle for sale of new equipment is led by a team of 30 which consists of a mix of Sales Directors, Sales Engineers, Product Managers and Project Managers. Each member of this team is customer facing and involved in the commercial process. Therefore immediate access to Huisman’s digital sales colletaral is a key requirement.

Alternative for SharePoint

“We previously used SharePoint for making digital sales content available to our global team” says Ivo Schouten who manages all content for the team. “With SharePoint we gradually came to the conclusion that this solution does not meet the requirements of a ‘mobile’ and global customer facing sales team such as ours. SharePoint has a lot of functionality and is primarily setup as an internal document management and storage system. This however is at the same time the biggest pitfall of the solution in relation to the requirements of our users: it is not really end user friendly, complex to set up and maintain and is ‘slow’ in responsiveness. At the same time, we see that content is becoming more and more important in our commercial process: our clients and prospects expect to be shown and to receive content which showcases our proposition. The importance of activating our content for our Sales Team was therefore growing. So, when Scaura came across as an alternative, more visual and user friendly solution we took a closer look and implemented it.

Effortless marketing and sales alignment

“The Scaura sales enablement solution works in a very easy and straightforward way. For me that is its biggest strength: our people actually use it”, Ivo continues. “Before we worked with Scaura everybody was using different versions of the content locally on their devices. Now with Scaura, since all content is managed from a single point and from there is pushed automatically to the users, everybody works with uniform and complete content.

“The Application gives me the confidence that I have the latest marketing materials with me for any commercial meeting”

The main advantages are that alignment on content now is at all times complete, up to date and done in a very efficient manner. This means that anyone who uses the Application always has immediate availability of all content and can use it to their advantage during any commercial meeting, planned and unplanned. Efficiency gains are achieved since members of the team no longer need to maintain and prepare content individually, but instead this is done by me, and each update is pushed centrally from the Scaura backend to the user Application. Last but not least, because the whole team works with uniform content from an Application which is set up in the Huisman corporate brand, this enhances our customer facing professionalism.”

Always prepared for any commercial meeting

“Scaura gives a real added value during the lead generation process, when initial contact with potential clients takes place” says David Roodenburg who is Manager Tender and Projects. “Because all sales content is always complete, offline available, and easily findable from the Application, I can pull up and show any content during a sales meeting in an interactive and informal way. Clients react very positively to the interactive way I support my meetings with content. They are impressed with the speed at which I can find and show relevant content no matter the direction the meeting goes. In short: Scaura enables that all sales managers have all the latest marketing material available at their device, ready to support them during any commercial meeting, planned and unplanned.

Back to Ivo: “An important factor is that I make sure that the content is always up to date and relevant. Our Business Development team values the simplicity and ease of use of Scaura and how it enables them to be effortlessly aligned with all digital content.”

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