How Vaillant activates its
digital marketing & sales content for the Sales Team

Vaillant Group Netherlands is part of the global Vaillant Group, an international market leader in the fields of heating and ventilation technology, with branches in more than 60 countries.

In the Netherlands a team of 150 people works on sales, installation and maintenance of products and solutions that are easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The Vaillant Sales Team operates an extensive network of installers and other technical parties. This sales process is characterized by a high intensity of personal meetings, during which the specific technical advice and the continuous positioning of Vaillant as an innovative and sustainable provider of such solutions go hand in hand.

Pragmatic implementation

“When we heard about Scaura, we immediately thought the sales enablement solution they offered was very interesting. What really appealed to us is the simple but effective way in which Scaura ‘activates’ digital Marketing & Sales content for Sales Teams. As Marketing we are always looking for tooling that we can offer our large sales organization to make their work easier and more effective. It didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to take an active part in this.” says Wendy van Duijnhoven, Brand Manager within Vaillant Group Netherlands.”

“Our Sales Team certainly did not make optimal use of materials that we made available through our Marketing department. The reason is simple: all these materials were offered via an internal file server, which in the end wasn’t really organized or kept up to date. Another important point was that the sales colleagues themselves were responsible for updating the content and keeping it complete. In order to do this they had to log in to the fileserver, search for new content and then place that on the laptop they used during sales meetings. As a result, sales did not always have complete and correct content with them.”

"It didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to take an active part in this”

“In addition, Marketing was also approached on an ad hoc and individual basis for last-minute questions regarding content, so it was also necessary to improve our efficiency in the connection between Marketing and Sales.”

“Within Vaillant Netherlands, decisions are made in a pragmatic way, so we decided to test the solution in practice with the first group of 4 sales colleagues and let it “prove” itself. Scaura is an ideal solution, since no IT connection or substantial investment is needed to set it up. It is a ready-made package that allows you to start up in no time with minimal impact and without substantial costs. After a test period of 2 months we evaluated the solution with our sales colleagues and the reactions were so positive that we immediately decided to make the solution available to the entire team of 20 people in the field.”

Presenting and sharing innovatively and sustainably

“The big advantage of working with Scaura is that I am always prepared: all the relevant digital sales materials on my iPad are up to date and I can use them at any given time to help me during my customer meetings. I have an average of 15 to 20 customer appointments per week and I probably use the Scaura Application on my iPad during at least three-quarters of these appointments, to show relevant content on the spot at any given time. A good example is the presentation materials of the approximately 20 different systems that we offer. These materials are refreshed regularly by Marketing and I often use them during the customer meetings when the customer asks for solutions in the field of energy transition. Before I start my first customer meeting of the day, I only have to synchronize my Application to make sure that I have the most up to date versions of the presentation materials,” according to Jos Padmos, Regional Manager responsible for the south-western region of the Netherlands.”

“In addition, I can send all the materials from the Application immediately, so I don’t have an ‘after the meeting to-do list’ anymore. Customers appreciate this and think it is a very professional way of working. In that sense, I think I differentiate myself from my competition. The innovative and sustainable character of digital presentation and sharing of sales materials is also seen as positive.”

"Our clients appreciate the innovative and sustainable character of digital presentation and sharing"

Focus for Sales

Back to Wendy: “We have been working with Scaura for a year now and we received very positive feedback from our sales colleagues. The Application is recognized as the best channel for sales to find its digital sales materials, without being responsible for its update. We recognize this within Marketing because we are no longer being approached with ad hoc questions regarding content. Our colleagues in Belgium have also started working with the software, based on our experience.”

“In summary: together with Scaura the Marketing team can optimally facilitate the sales colleagues with easy to find digital sales materials that are always complete and up to date. This allows them to optimally focus on sales and not on searching for and maintaining presentation materials.”

"Sales should be able to focus on sales and not on searching for and maintaining presentation materials"

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