How Joosten Kunststoffen, together with Scaura, increases sales efficiency and professionalism

Joosten Kunststoffen offers innovative and sustainable total solutions for plastic products in the field of soil and water management projects.

The strength of the company lies in the knowledge and experience it has gained throughout the course of thousands of projects. The success of the commercial team of 25 people is largely determined by efficiently sharing and presenting relevant projects and product information with customers and prospects.

Higher return on sales content

“Increasing the findability, shareability and presentability of our sales content was our main goal”, says Marketing Manager Vincent van der Wielen. “Our back office deals with about 50 commercial requests per day, so sending along information about relevant reference projects and product information is very important.” The same applies to our sales team: during sales meetings with clients and prospects, it is important that the discussion topics are supported by information about reference projects. This underlines our skills and expertise, which is essential for closing the deal.

Before we started working with the sales enablement solution from Scaura, we had stored all our digital files relevant to Sales on an ‘old-fashioned’ file server. We have about 6,000 files in total: this means low findability and it costs a lot of time. Due to the speed of our work we weren’t always able to include all the information. In addition, files were sent as attachments, which was problematic when the files were too big.”

It was clear to Joosten Kunststoffen that they needed a solution, a better way to make sales content available to the commercial team, in order to generate more revenue from customer contacts.

"Improving the findability, shareability and presentability of our sales content was our main goal”

Scaura: the perfect sales enablement solution

After comparing different solutions, Scaura proved to be the perfect solution for Joosten Kunststoffen. “In the area of findability and shareability, Scaura met our needs in the best way possible”, Van der Wielen continues. “Now our commercial people can use the tag functionality to do a ‘nonlinear’ search, which greatly enhances findability. I noticed it myself: first people used to ask me content related questions about 10 times a day but this has since dropped to once or twice a day and I expect it to drop even further.”

“File-sharing has also improved dramatically compared to how we used to do it. Not only is it much faster but now we can also share an unlimited number of MBs. Our colleagues also find the branded share portal very professional”. Finally, Van der Wielen states: “Another major advantage is that Scaura is very intuitive in it’s use. This makes the package easy to implement and easily accessible, which has contributed enormously to the rapid adoption of the package by the sales team.”

“First people used to ask me content related questions about 10 times a day but this has since dropped to once or twice a day”

For Pascal Otten, external sales representative, the great added value of Scaura is that during every sales meeting he can use his iPad to quickly find and show relevant reference projects. “Before Scaura I could only talk about our projects and my prospects had to take my word for it, now I can show them directly during the sales meeting. With the Application I have the confidence that I can adequately support every meeting with relevant content. The fact that the Application is made in our own corporate identity and looks nice, is also of added value in making a professional impression.”


Van der Wielen summarizes: “Scaura has exceeded our expectations. Internally, we have greatly improved our efficiency in the area of speed and findability with the help of Scaura. Externally we have increased the professionalism with which we share and present files to our customers.”

“Scaura has made a tremendous contribution to our internal efficiency and external professionalism”

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