A Better Way to Share: Part II

In this second article you’ll find a more practical perspective. Namely, that the tools we currently use for sharing information with prospects are flawed.

In this two-part series we take a look at what works in sales and what doesn’t. In Part I we shared a holistic view of sales strategy: how to over-deliver on value . In this second article you’ll find a more practical perspective. Namely, that the tools we currently use for sharing information with prospects are flawed. And there is a way to elevate the sales content you send out. It’s time to truly support your teams.

The Pandemic as Digital Accelerator

The digital journey that organisations have been embarking on for the past two decades was further accelerated by the pandemic. En masse, it drove organisations to adapt to conducting their business online. Talent was hired through Zoom calls, team meetings shifted to Slack standups.

And sales pitches… pretty much remained the same.

A newsletter outreach, followed by a cold call and a webinar that led to pitch decks sent through Keynote or Slides. Of course the reality is more nuanced, but mainly it’s been sales as usual.

As we’ve found that, in general, the work-from-home shift has resulted in increased productivity and better adaptation of tech tools, sales has mostly been left with the same strategy. And the potential left on the table is significant. We invite you to be curious about what’s there to be gained.

Sales as Usual

Regardless of the recent transition to digital working environments, your sales rep likely shares information with prospects in the same way they’ve always done. That’s not so much a bad thing, but it is a terribly inefficient one. Not to mention, one that disregards business opportunities.

We’re likely all avid users of SharePoint, OneDrive, or DropBox. They do what they need to, and they do it well: cloud-based file storage intended for internal sharing. Internal sharing. Yet, we’re using these tools to share information with individuals and teams outside of our organisations. But they aren’t designed for that purpose.

As shared in Part I , oftentimes your prospect receives an email full of different attachments: Dropbox links, individual images, pdf spec sheets and so on. You’re basically telling your prospect: “Here, go organize this yourself and let me know what you think – and if that’s not fast enough, I’ll keep sending you emails”. How does that come across to any service-oriented industry professional? Or in any industry for that matter.

This is not a knock on the way you do business or on how your sales teams are communicating with their clients. This is just to show that there is a fundamental flaw with using internal file sharing tools for external purposes. They are simply not designed to carry your brand image or value your client’s time.

What if there was a better way? One that wows your customer, values their time, increases your team’s efficiency, and simply adds more joy to doing business?

“Did corporate approve these files?”

Let’s take a step back. Take a look at how your own teams – not just in sales – are sharing information with each other. It’s usually by linking to files in semi-organized folders across multiple cloud-based tools. And every once in a while someone on the team decides to take responsibility and clean up the old files and restructures the lay-out.

Sounds familiar?

What if you no longer have to go through endless folders for that one specific spec sheet and then wonder whether corporate would approve if you send that file to someone outside the organisation?

What if you could just log in to a single sales enablement platform and have all the relevant content right there? Always updated. Always presentable and ready to be shared.

This is where Scaura comes in.

Scaura: Made to be shared

Our sales enablement software is designed to send your sales teams on the road with up-to-date content. For them to log in from anywhere on any device and present from a branded environment and easily share it with their (potential) customers. In addition, your team can analyze how those files are being used: which files are opened, which have been shared further.

Scaura is a platform where all the benefits of file sharing come together.

And over the years, we’ve found something interesting going on. Organisations working with our sales enablement software realized that the use case isn’t just outward focused. A majority of the companies that work with Scaura have found that the platform is great for internal file sharing too. It’s a one-stop-shop to organize files and have them ready for your teams to be used.

With Scaura, we’ve designed sales enablement software that does three things really well:

1. Organize your content.

2. Create branded environments fit for internal and external sharing.

3. Analyze how your prospects use the files you shared.

The result of which is that: 1. You always have the right files present in one tool.

2. Your sales teams are better prepared with access to branded content.

3. You know exactly where your prospect is within the customer journey and can follow up accordingly.

Sales should be an experience. A joyful one. Both for your own teams as for your future clients. Therefore, a better way of sharing starts today.

For a high level recap of Scaura, take a look at our 37-sec video.

To get in touch personally, contact Norbert Bessems (Founder at Scaura) through norbert.bessems@scaura.com. We truly believe we can assist your business in delivering a better sales experience.


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