A Better Way to Share: Part I

How consistent quality, customer-centric flexibility, and efficient information exchange, propel your sales results.

In this two-part series we identify what works in sales and what doesn’t. In Part I we take an eagle-eye look at sales strategy: how to over-deliver on value. In Part II we dive in and uncover the challenges of current file-sharing tools. A better way of sales starts today.

The three ways to over-deliver

What truly makes organisations stand out and get results? Is it their sales pitch? Their company culture? Their product mix? Think about it for a second. Think of all the organisations that you ever believed in or purchased a service or product from. What made you choose them? We believe the key differentiator is in giving the best possible value.

It’s about over-delivering on the needs of a potential customer. And that value can sit in a lot of different things. It can mean the value of the product itself, the purchasing process, the exchange of information, or the relationship you build with them.

Now let’s think about the other end of the spectrum. What are the types of companies that you’ll likely stay away from for the rest of your life? The products or services that made you cringe and shrug. We bet that it boils down to you experiencing frustration. Frustration about the purchasing process, the lack of care, or the product itself.

No company of course sets out to frustrate their customers. But it happens. And more often than not it comes from a lack of transparency. Knowing what both parties can and can’t deliver on.

So the goal therefore is not to frustrate but to transparently over-deliver. To care for each client, supplier and customer. To give them:

1. Consistent quality
2. Flexibility on their specific needs
3. Efficiency in the exchange of information.

And those three keys to success in business are exactly what you find with Scaura’s sales enablement software.

Solve the puzzle in advance: The need for better exchange of information

When it comes to building a relationship with a prospect and you’re moving closer to the eventual sale there comes a moment when you are asked: “Could you send some more information?”. At this point it’s common practice that sales reps spend hours finding the right spec sheet, taking apart old pitch decks to isolate a particular table, or frantically push the marketing department for the perfect image or video.

Depending on the individual skill set of your sales rep, more often than not, your prospect receives an incoherent combination of DropBox links, Google Sheets (with Read Only access), Word docs, Pages, Sharepoint, or attached images.  Leaving your potential client to solve a puzzle of loosely-connected information.

That sounds as rough as it is. Both for your sales rep – who could surely spend his or her time better, and for your client (remember when we spoke about over-delivering?).

Over-delivery here is about presenting the full puzzle of information. Shared in an efficient and presentable way. So it becomes easier for your prospect to digest and discuss your offering with their own teams.

Scaura does precisely that. Our sales enablement software is built to be shared. Your sales team selects images, spec sheets, videos – all preselected by your marketing department – puts it all together in a visually stunning and presentable environment. And simply hit the ‘share’-button.

Your prospect receives exactly the information that they are looking for to make a decision and Scaura’s dashboard enables you to analyze how that shared content is being used. All from one location.

What if my prospect wants something different?

Scene 2: camera, lights, action. Imagine being in a sales meeting discussing the amazing products that you can offer. You’ve prepared a solid pitch deck with bells and whistles, ready to knock this one out of the park. And then suddenly the conversation shifts and your potential customer is interested in a different product in your catalogue. The problem is, you haven’t prepared your pitch for that. So you promise to send the information at a later stage. You’ve lost your momentum. End scene. 

The ability to act now, deliver on the spot, and think on your feet is vital. This is not said to put pressure on your teams. Business environments are stressful enough as they are. Instead, it’s an invitation to think differently.

What if we did that same scene with Scaura.

Scene 2: camera, lights, action. Your full attention is not on delivering your pitch. Your full attention goes to what the person on the other end of the table is looking for. What are their challenges? What do they dream of? How can your company add to their success? Question after question you easily pull up different spec sheets, product videos, and financial information from a fully branded environment. Like a magician showing an ever-growing thread of colourful flags. Transparent over-delivery achieved.

Scaura allows you to present with confidence knowing that all content in your app is approved by marketing and is as widespread as your company’s offering can go. Flexibility is not about how many hats you can wear, flexibility is about whether you can truly listen to the needs of your customer and have an answer ready.

Consistent quality

This last key to success in sales is quite obvious. We’ve shared that with Scaura: 1. you have access to a better and more coherent exchange of information. And 2. you can present with flexibility from a branded environment. Those two together bring forth number 3. Consistency. With Scaura you give every potential customer, supplier, partner, or co-worker a feeling that your organisation has it together. That you provide consistent quality. That’s what Scaura is for. To help you over-deliver on quality, on efficiency, and flexibility.

Ready to stand out with Scaura

Many of our clients used to work with systems such as OneDrive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, or other internal file server solutions to distribute sales content to their sales teams and agents. They concluded that these systems are not really fit for purpose, because they are designed for internal document sharing and not so much for (customer facing) sales purposes. Or to help them control, present and share content in a more compelling and flexible way.

In order to improve all this, they switched to our solution. With Scaura, every sales rep can always prepare, support and follow up to any commercial interaction. Always by means of uniform, centrally controlled sales content.

Keep an eye out for Part II in our series “A Better Way to Share” as we dive deeper in the current challenges of file-sharing tools.

For a high level recap of Scaura, take a look at our 30-sec video. (Okay, truthfully it’s only 37 seconds)


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