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How to have 24/7 global access to up-to-date yachting content and present and share it in a stunning, branded environment. Operating in the yachting industry, you need to provide prospective customers with an experience of the highest standard.

How do you enhance the excitement of an already exciting industry?

The yachting industry is an exciting business to be in. Operating in the upper echelons of the maritime industry, there is no excuse to not provide prospective customers with an experience of the highest standard. The brand network quite often consists of specifically appointed partners worldwide and what you see is usually nothing short of stunning.

Of course, enabling this worldwide network of appointed dealers and brokers to present your brand in the best possible way can be a daunting task. Given the nature of the industry, a branded experience is key. At the same time, the information needs to be up-to-date and ready to be shared in a flash, so whoever is using the data can move forward assured the content is spot on.

But how do you communicate with an appointed partner on the other side of the globe without losing valuable time? How do you provide possible buyers with the most engaging content to enhance the overall experience and improve your sales performance? What if you want to share that stunning presentation you just gave to a prospect effortlessly so you can keep the flow of your sales process going? And how are you supposed to keep track of all this information being used? SCAURA offers a sales enablement solution that answers all of these questions and delivers even more.

Key takeaways from this post:

  • Enable appointed dealers and brokers 24/7 by providing up-to-date information fast and efficiently. Also learn how to enable your sales team and partners to present and share with complete ease.
  • How creating a branded environment, which is very aesthetically pleasing overall, can be used for customer-faced meetings.
  • How using multiple channels will let you tailor to the needs of every partner in your network, so they can get maximum results without having to search for information.
  • The importance of Analytics explained and how to enhance performance based on gathered data.

The challenges that come with the globally operating yachting industry

As with any industry these days, communication is essential in the yachting business. The speed of sharing product specifications, presentations and other key pieces of information is essential. Delivering a presentation is one thing, the importance is in the ease of which you share the information from this presentation fast and efficiently. Even more effective, is tailoring the information to the specific needs of the person or organization you are sharing it with. By all means, you should be able to do this in the blink of an eye.

The industry distinguishes itself by offering a truly immersive experience, giving your brand the designated spotlight is absolutely vital in this regard. Last but not least, and perhaps a little more generally applicable to most industries, is the opportunity to learn from the content used and shared.

Each of these topics present interesting challenges, whether you are using your own sales team or relying heavily on brokers and other partners. In this piece, we will go a little more in depth and share with you some ways to move your sales process forward.

# 1 Keeping your content up-to-date to everyone – not restricted by timezones

There are always people working for you that need up-to-date information and the latest presentations and preferably the information is at their fingertips. In today’s world, sharing should be effortless no matter where you are. At your desk, in the car or at the airport, there is no excuse to not gain or give access to the required information. 

With SCAURA, information can be uploaded and shared fast and efficiently. Whether you are working with your own sales team, or if you are working purely with brokers, you can grant anyone access to the SCAURA application. This way, your team and/or brokers can see all price updates, stock updates, presentations etc. immediately simply by synchronizing the device they are using. No more calls to your marketing team, no more emails that will take at least 24 hours to be answered. Information will always be updated on the go, no matter where you are.

Just delivered a stunning presentation and the person on the other side of the (virtual) table wants the information? No problem, with SCAURA you can immediately share the exact pieces of information they need – and the ones you want them to lock onto. Besides this, it is also possible to upload information from the SCAURA application to other platforms, such as Yatco, to ensure a smooth and accurate listing process.

#2 Having a branded environment with stunning visuals

We mentioned it earlier; if there is one industry where experience is absolutely vital to making a sale, it is the yachting industry. Whatever luxury you are presenting, it really is all about the experience. Most of the time, a CRM environment is not exactly pleasing to the eye. Then again, the information you have in there is important enough to show or share, ideally you would have the information from your CRM system presented in stunning fashion. 

The SCAURA application allows you to create your very own branded environment. Use buttons and hotspots to easily navigate through content to follow the natural flow of any conversation. Stunning visuals can be used for added effect, as we understand how important an immersive experience is.

Having a branded environment is critical when doing customer faced meetings, as you can have the best of both worlds: up-to-date information and the visual representation that will make your brand stand out.

#3 Having multiple channels enables tailormade communication

Whenever communication is essential, you will want to make sure that your content is following the conversation you are having. With a platform that allows you to create multiple channels, you can organize all data and information so communication is flawless.

In the SCAURA application, it is very easy to set up multiple channels to cater to specific needs of anyone. You can set this up however you want, sharing just a small part of the information or perhaps even creating a ‘mini website’ complete with visuals and information that will give prospective buyers everything they need even when you are not around to tell them.

SCAURA also comes to the fore at events such as tradeshows, where you can use “part of the tree” to show at your booth. All the information is live and can be updated at the event itself.

#4 Analyze and adjust whenever possible

Quite often, content is created and then utilized. Moving forward, we already explained how this content should be tailormade and shared fast and efficiently. But, there is more to performing than just following these steps. By analyzing which content is being used, you can not only follow the context but also see if it is actually performing. Adding this step to the process will allow you to pivot and switch things up when needed. Of course, you will want to repeat these steps until you get the right balance.

We all learn from experiences, using and sharing content is no different in this respect. By sharing (part of) the SCAURA application with partners, or even when uploading content to platforms such as YATCO, the Analytics function will give you the insights needed to enhance your performance.

Linking to CRM is also possible, so the application can work as a proper lead generator as well. All, of course, regardless of where you are.


At SCAURA, we have seen firsthand what our application does for the yachting industry. No more hassle for getting up-to-date and relevant information to partners on the other side of the globe. Presenting and sharing to potential buyers all done fast and with complete ease. Helping you set-up an immersive experience with the most stunning visuals that you can share on the go when needed. Tailoring communication to specific needs and analyzing and improving has never been easier.

We believe we know the industry quite well, working with several brands and brokers alike already. Our application would not have its existing rights if we did not make things ridiculously easy for the ones that are going to use it – yes, we mean you.

Out of the box implementation. One key functionality, no fluff. Easy to use and even easier to keep up to date. We are ready and would love to show you how we can help you bring your sales performance to the next level.

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