Let your sales be a thrill again

How sales teams bring their customers along for the ride with Scaura

The amusement attractions industry is one where the end user is always in mind. From the design of a ride to its manufacturing to its maiden voyage: it is a process where imagination and visualization stands out. And that includes the sales and procurement phases. But sales teams oftentimes lack the tools to truly bring their potential customers along for the ride. Scaura is there to help. We enable you to present highly aesthetic, curated, traceable, and easy-to-use content that wows your customers. Buckle up!

Empower your sales team to wow your customers

Amusement attraction industry. Those first two words – amusement and attraction – say everything you need to know about how your sales teams can forge prosperous relationships with your potential customers. Through amusement and attraction. To achieve that, visualization becomes key.

Imagine if you are a ride manufacturer and you had to explain the theme, loops & turns, and sensory elements of a certain ride to your potential supplier. You would have to be a fine storyteller to do that. And let’s face it, not everyone is Neil Gaiman. That’s alright though, because with Scaura, visualization becomes front and center of your customer journey. Thereby upgrading any pitch deck and prospectus.

And you’ll find it to be extremely easy. Your marketing team preselects visual content, spec sheets and financial analysis that are available to use. And your sales team simply drags and drops the content, curating their presentation within Scaura to what is needed for that particular customer.

Scaura offers you highly aesthetic and dynamic presentation possibilities designed to make it easy to switch between content items. Empowering your sales team with timely and diverse content, made to excite.

Lead with a stunning brand image

Away with fragmented content. Endlessly toggling between folders to find the right image or spec sheet. Or flooding your computer or tablet with large video files. It is a common challenge among marketing and sales teams: how to make sure each potential customer receives a consistent view of your brand and offering.

Think about it. What if you could present in a skilful, beautiful way exactly what the person on the other side of the table would love to see.

Not an easy feat when it comes to an industry where a single manufacturer can make hundreds of different products and thousands of varieties. Your buyers deserve to be well-informed of the implications of each purchasing decision. And at the same time have a sense of joy leading up to their decisions. Scaura allows you to create a coherent impression of your total offering. All within a branded environment that is both visually stunning and easy to curate. Alleviating your sales team, so they can focus on building better relationships from a coherent brand image.

From any location, on any device, always up to date

No matter if it’s on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Scaura is a cloud-based solution with its own multi-device app. Ready to be used with any major operating system, both online and offline. Meaning, you are always prepared to showcase the latest of your products. Simply open the application and synchronize. Any sales asset that is uploaded on the back-end will appear in the right environment. Increasing your ability to be relevant in the moment.

Grant Access, Analyze & Address

Presenting a great pitch deck is only the beginning of the customer journey. You could say it’s the lift hill of the ride. In an ideal world your potential client gets access to the desired components of the presentation, discusses it with their own team, shares it among decision makers and comes back to you with an affirming answer.

Scaura allows you to do precisely that – and more.

All your Scaura content assets are shareable with your customers. You control the depth of access. You can design dedicated environments for your customer within the app. Each shared asset is also traced. Meaning you can run an analysis on which content is most useful to your prospect, which has been opened or frequently shared. This allows you to stay closer to your customer and address their doubts and needs to improve the outcome for all involved.

Bring your customers along

Whether you are a manufacturer or supplier in amusement park attractions, each sale begins with a vision of what the end result can look like. With Scaura you can now bring your customers along on a visual journey. Strengthening your brand perception and effortlessly opening up possibilities to reach that vision.

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