Data-driven Sales: Gaining Clarity in Uncertain Times

Markets are in limbo. There is uncertainty across industries, from energy to real estate, to supply chains, to automotive, to banking. It is in these trialing times that what your clients and partners most desire is clarity. Because clarity and certainty bring peace of mind. Here’s how you can lead through the uncharted waters and still get sales results with poise and purpose.

Okay, that’s a pretty grim start. Is it really that bad? We hate to be the bringer of bad news, but take a moment and reflect. Global inflation, pandemic recovery, real estate bubbles, energy lockouts, supply chain scarcity… we all read the same news.

Does that mean we give up and throw in the towel?

No. That’s not in our human nature. We’re here to adapt, to move with the current and find our way even in the midst of turmoil.

And to find your way, means to be able to read between the lines. To make sense of the information that is not obvious to others but vital for your success. Get ahead by analyzing and acting. Because precise action based on accurate information proves time and again to be a life-line and a promise of better days.

Quality Sales come from acting on Accurate Information

Quality sales comes from acting on accurate information.

That’s why cold-calling is such a tough and unforgiving environment. You go in blind and try to hit a homerun. So you use questions to gain more information. Step by step you close in on a prospect’s true desires, until the moment you have enough data where you can honestly align yourself with their needs and make your pitch.

We understand this is an oversimplification of the sales process and leaves out the human aspect of building relationships. But what matters here is the need for accurate information.

And where do you get accurate information on your potential clients?

Your data tools of course. Be it Google Analytics, Tableau, CRM, APIs, integration platforms etc. More likely it’s a combination of them all.

But there is one data set so vital, and yet so elusive that it rarely comes to mind. Remember that bit about reading between the lines? This is it:

The data set that is crucial to your sales success is knowing how well your sales pitch is received.

Those first minutes, hours, days between you finishing your pitch and your prospect going about their business again, will tell you a lot what the decision is going to be. Right now, your teams would have to anxiously wait or push for a decision. But there is a better way.

What if you would know, based on hard data, how well your pitch performed and where your prospect sits in the decision making?

In business today that piece of missing data is a black hole. An abyss of not-knowing what your prospect really thought of your product or service before purchase. But you know, and your sales reps know, that in figuring out this piece of information will save your business an incredible amount of time to either close the deal faster or walk away to more aligned customers.

Let us repeat that again.

Knowing how well your product is received after the pitch and before the purchase decision will save you valuable time to either close faster or turn to better aligned customers.

Tell me, is that not what you want?

Because that, my dear reader, is where Scaura comes in.

We offer Sales Enablement Software that can be curated entirely to your brand. Scaura sets your sales teams up for a win with visually stunning presentations and making it easy to pull up accurate spec sheets.

But more importantly… Scaura allows you to analyze how aligned your product is for your potential client.

Here’s how it works.

Our integrated Tracking tool is connected to every document, image, presentation, and spec sheet you upload in Scaura. You can choose to share these documents with your potential client (as you would normally painstakingly do through email). Except now, you know how well it is received.

From the moment it hits your client’s inbox, phone, or drive, Scaura starts tracking how often your documents are opened, shared, and read. It reveals whether your client is actively engaged with your content. Whether they share it with their teams enthusiastically or let it sit in their inbox piled under other pitches.

All this information is accessed through your Scaura dashboard in near real-time. Meaning you can choose to act instantly. No more guesswork, hunches, or looking at irrelevant data.

Tracking the data on your shared documents will help you optimize your customer journey in a way that truly suits your market segment. Because with every new prospect that receives this information, and with every tracking data coming through, you’ll learn which information is most relevant to your client, and which is not. 

But wait, there’s more…

At Scaura we understand that it’s not all about outward focus. It’s also about learning lessons from your own teams. That’s why the analytics dashboard in Scaura allows you to view which presentations your best sales reps use. Where do they take extra time, which spec sheets matter, what services require more attention, all this will be instantly available for you to track and analyze.

Of course this also applies to your channel enablement partners and every reseller that you onboard on Scaura.

There you have it. A full feedback loop. From outside in (how your customers perceive your pitches), to inside-out (what your best sales reps present).

Allowing you to create better sales strategies based on accurate information. Helping you build certainty in a time when uncertainty reigns.

Start today with data-driven sales by Scaura

To come back to where we started: yes, these are trialing times. And at Scaura we believe in providing the tools to read in between the lines, to make sense of information in a sea of turmoil. That is where we can achieve greatness, together.

Scaura is not just another Sales Enablement SaaS tool. It is a way for you to: 1. Build better relationships with your prospects, 2. to empower your sales teams with up-to-date information, and 3. to make sales a smooth and rewarding part of your business.

If your organisation is looking to benefit from access to information that only very few in the market have – and if you want to empower your sales teams like never before, then start today and learn how Scaura fits seamlessly with your enterprise.

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