Revolutionize your Sales Presentations. Always.

Drive your sales with our easy-to-use, interactive and branded Sales Presentation solution.

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Always engage your prospects with the right sales content. Anytime and anywhere.

Digital marketing, knowledge sharing and effective sales enablement are increasingly important in today’s B-2-B world. Scaura makes it easy for your sales team to find, present and share the latest sales content - even when they’re offline. Your team is ready whenever the time calls for it. We give you a dedicated channel so, you can align your sales teams with a dynamic stream of sales content. Your sales team will have an effective Sales Presentation tool which will make their work easier and more effective.

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Always deliver an optimal brand experience.

Your brand is what sets you apart. We make it easy for your sales team to engage your clients with an immersive branded experience. Your sales team can access, present and share from your branded Sales Presentation environment. You control the content so you can make sure everyone is telling the same story.

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Always use analytics to increase your ROI.

With content becoming more important in B-2-B sales enablement, you need to measure how effectively your sales teams are engaging clients with your content. Scaura lets you see which assets are performing better so you can optimize your marketing efforts. We deliver a comprehensive analytics dashboard to marketing teams to deliver the insights you need.

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"Sales should be able to focus on their sales targets and not on searching for and maintaining presentation materials"


"Scaura enables our sales teams to explain the whole Grundfos service range in a highly visual, interactive and effective way."

Nikki Beach

"Scaura puts a direct value add to our commercial customer facing process; we find it a great App to work with!"