Video Tutorials

Add Video / Images as Backgrounds

You can use either up to 5 images, or a video as a background. A video as a background
really upgrades the look and feel of your app.

Create a Visual tour with Hotspots

You can make your story even more visual by using the hotspots. Place points of interests
on an image, and click through to view more information about that specific part of the

Enable Resellers & Business Groups with User Groups

If you have multiple apps you can decide which group of users is allowed to see which
app. Here we’ll explain how it works.

Upload files to the Mediabank & Tags

In this tutorial you will learn how to upload files to the mediabank. You will also learn how
to use the tags in the mediabank of Scaura.

Settings of Your Apps

In this tutorial you will learn how to set the colors of the buttons, logo, and font in Scaura.

Add Hyperlink Buttons

You can add Hyperlinks to your Scaura app. For example, from within you Scaura app you
can access your website, external CRM, or any type of website.

Reorder Files and Buttons

You can reorder your buttons, content, and backgrounds really easily withing Scaura.

Copy / Pasting Menu Structures

in Scaura’s CMS you can copy and paste menu structures. This avoids you from doing
double work if when you are creating an app for your resellers or for an trade show.

Add menu buttons

You can easily create a menu structure in Scaura’s CMS.

Personal folders for Admin users

A personal folder is managed by the user itself. Here is how you can add a Personal
Folder, and how to Edit them for your own user.

Adding Users

This tutorial video will show you how you can add users in Scaura.

Create & Edit your apps in the CMS

In this video we show you how to create and organize your apps in the CMS.

How to Create a Selection

With Scaura you’ll have your company’s Marketing & Sales files available wherever you are. In this video we’ll show you how you can create a selection of these files. You can Share or Save your selection.

Share Your Files Easily and on the Spot

Scaura enables you to share your marketing and sales material easily and on the spot.
In this video we explain how it works.

The Search

You can use the Search to quickly find your files. You can search on file name and multiple tags.

Creating Presentations

In this tutorial we explain how you can easily create Custom Presentations within the app. You can add this presentation to your shares, or you can add one presentation on your home page.

Downloading & Trusting Scaura on your iPad

In this video you will see how you can download the Scaura app. Also, we will show you
how you can trust ‘Scaura B.V.’ on your iPad in case you are using an iPad that runs on
iOS 9.

iOS FAQ: Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Apple requires you to trust all enterprise developers on your iPad that runs on iOS 9.
For more info:

Event Mode

In this video we show you how you can use the event mode to generate leads during events.

Personal Folders for Registered users

Here’s how you can edit your Personal Folder.