We are Scaura

A dedicated international team

What we do

We founded Scaura in the heart of Amsterdam, a vibrant & international city. Our passion is to unleash sales efficiencies in the B2B market space. We do that by unleashing the full potential of your digital sales content. We make sure that your sales team has the latest content available online & offline. We enable them to show, present & share all the important sales content whenever the time calls for it. No more “Oh I’ll send over the product information we talked about as soon as I get back to the office”. No, it’s instant showing & sharing your files within seconds. It keeps the momentum you just created with a prospect or client.

Why do we do it?

10 years of experience has made us understand and aware of the markets our clients operate in. We were working in the content creation industry where we created 3D animations across lots of industries. We noticed that most companies have some kind of digital sales content. Yet, almost non of them had the right means to show that content to their customers and prospects. We talked to our customers and they loved our idea of this tool.

It all started with a very basic app that allowed companies to control and present their digital sales content. Along the way, we have re-developed our software to meet with the latest requirements and features our clients were looking for. And the interaction hasn’t stopped. We closely work together with our clients to improve Scaura to help our product become ever better for them.

We’re proud to say that Scaura has helped small and large corporations to work more efficient during their sales meetings! We work with clients across different industries, sizes, and countries. Some of them you might know, some of them will sound less familiar. A few of our clients are DSM, Imtech, Rabobank, Gispen, iAmsterdam & Oceanco.

Is Scaura a fit for your company?

Do you or your sales team use any digital brochures, images, videos, PDFs or office documents in sales meetings? You don’t have a tool to show & present your files in a beautiful way online & offline? And you send your clients / prospects digital sales content as large attachments via mail, DropBox or services like WeTransfer? Then yes, Scaura can help you and your sales team become more efficient and save you money & time.

Drop colin.winhall@scaura.com an email to arrange a free personal demo of 15 minutes.